Because He lives:
Pastor, Michael Garn

9719 Midland Blvd.
Overland, MO, 63114
(314) 426-1691

Trinity Baptist Church History

Trinity Baptist Church was founded in 1963 by Rev. James Hurdly in his home. Then in 1965 Dr. Wilford Robinson became the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church for 40 years as the Senior Pastor. In December of 2005 Michael Garn became the Senior Pastor. Pastor Garn and his family moved to Overland, Missouri from his home state of Ohio. 

Rev. Dr. Wilford E. Robinson:

  • Graduate of: Midwestern Baptist College, Pontiac, MI
  • June of 2008 graduated inBecame Senior Pastor in 1965
  • Trinity Baptist Church's (humble man of God), Pastor for 40 years
  • 1964 to the presence of his LORD and Saviour

Rev. Michael J. Garn:

  • Became Senior Pastor, December of 2005 - Present
  • Married in 1988, (Michael and Kelly), they have two Sons and two Daughter-In-Laws, and two Grandchildren
  • Pastor Garn is 57 years young.
  • 1990 Graduate of:  Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan.

Trinity Baptist Church is a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church: a New Testament local body of saved believers. 

Criteria for preaching God's Word (K.J.V. 1611)

  • Preach the message which God orders
  • Must be anointed and filled with Holy Spirit's power and passion.
  • Results in lives being impacted and changed for all eternity.